Delicous flavours to suit anyones taste buds....

We create that dream wedding cake for your special day with custome designs and styles..

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Theses are just some of our wedding cakes, if you like any of theses or you have a design in mind then please contact us will assist you

When placing order of a wedding cake, portions are based on 2X1 inch slices of sponge. our cakes are a standard 5" deep. This allows more portions as it can first be sliced horizontally and then into pieces.


When catering for large numbers it is possible to order ‘cutting cakes’, these are cakes covered in fondant but not decorated and will ensure there is enough cake to go around. it may still possible to have a large tall cake but to save waste, I can provide dummy tiers which are like the real thing.























Theses sizes are only a guide as we all might slice cake differently.



Free delivery and set up at your choosen location

peace of mind when ordering with us


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